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Parlor Dwelling

Parlor Dwelling

Slow down you move too fast!!

During the cooler months, one of the most pleasant things we do at Spring Rose Cottage is to sit in the parlor in the evenings. Theo first used the term “Parlor Dweller” to describe people like me who thrive on both the quiet and reserve of the space.


He subsequently painted “The Parlor Dweller” acrylic on canvas, a study in burnt umber. It is me in one of my favorite wing chairs.

1-a-parlor dweller

Wayne defines a parlor as a living room with no television—and he is quite correct. Sometimes “parlor dwelling” is a solitary affair where one can read, do needlework, write a book chapter or blog posts. Sometimes it can be a group activity like playing a board game, cards, name that tune, or playing music.


One of our favorite endeavors is to take turns reading a book, short story or poems. I enjoy reading out loud and I love to hear someone else read.

I find the parlor is a most agreeable place to dwell.

Welcome to Spring Rose Cottage

It is such a pleasure to welcome you our blog about our home–Spring Rose Cottage! Most of the topics I write about are home related in some way—albeit sometimes a remote connection.

Spring Rose Cottage Exterior

I will be sharing some of our family’s favorite recipes, activities, shopping spots, crafts, gardening, hobbies, travels and of course some of the unusual features of the house.

Tower and WitchesHat

I might write about hanging out around Spring Rose Cottage, especially if it involves “Parlor Dwelling”—one of my favorite things to do.

Inside Parlor

The topics will be interesting to me and I hope a bit thought provoking. Feel free to share ideas, thoughts and reactions with me.

Patriotic Pennant Craft Project

I have wanted to do a blog for many years, but could never find the time to devote to it. Well, children do grow up and all of a sudden…one does have time…and the “children” might even help with the technical stuff! (Thank you Theo Leiss for being an amazing webmaster, 3D modeler, animator, sound engineer and my go to person for anything technology related—if you are into that sort of thing, check out Theo’s web page at http://www.theoleiss.com/ ).

I really can’t even express how much I enjoy reading other people’s blogs, facebook posts, pinterest pins and appreciate our shared experiences and love of life. My mission is to share some of my experiences, life lessons, and passions—because happy thoughts are infectious. This world of ours could use a whole lot of happy right now and I will try to do my part.

Looking forward to sharing the journey,


The Lady of the House