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Kitchen Mantel: Blue & White China

One of the really wonderful things about a kitchen hearth mantel is having a space to make a display.



Our kitchen is a bit of a blank canvas. What do I mean by that?  Well, that the colors are neutral.  Neutral back grounds make it much easier to decorate with color.


The kitchen can be changed just by displaying splashes of color on the mantel and the counter tops.


In the case of the Blue and White China theme, it also allows me to bring in some of my personality. I love English Transfer ware and I collect many colors and variations. But, one of my favorites is the Blue and White.


Blue and White China is a classic look that never goes out of style. It always looks fresh and clean–which I think is a wonderful look to bring into the kitchen.


The pieces don’t all have to be antique or one particular style. The beauty of the blue and white color ties the collection together. Being too matched can make a collection look boring. You want a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  This same concept can used on a mantel, table, bookcase, curio cabinet…the possibilities are endless!

Simple Elegant Christmas Tablesetting

Dressing the dinner table for a holiday is easy if you take one element or seasonal item to create a theme that can be used throughout the design to tie eat place setting to the whole table. I decided to use a very simple but classic motif—the magnolia blossom and leaves. Magnolias are evergreen, so you can use real magnolias to decorate or silk flowers to make a centerpiece or table scape.

1-gold charger

I began the table with a covering of a deep red almost burgundy. Then I placed a golden charger plate at each of the places. The china that I used is a Lenox China pattern called Citation Gold. It is a classic cream china with a gold band and fluted rim on the plate.

3-citation gold

The flatware is Oneida Heirloom 18/10 Stainless pattern called Louisiana.

4-1-Napkinplus ring

The napkins are 100% cotton and have a beautifully simple magnolia blossom and green leaves embroidered on them. I like to check for after Christmas sales to pick up bargains. I found these napkins through the Colonial Williamsburg on-line store last year.

4-2--pier one napkin rings

The 2 inch wide napkin rings are made of wire with beads in dark red to gold. They are from Pier One, but I picked them up a few months ago at a local consignment store.


I think the contrast between the dark table cloth and the lighter charger and china really makes for a striking table setting.  I chose not to place an arrangement or centerpiece on our Christmas table, because we wanted to place the food on the table. This allowed us the convenience of eating family style and the benefit of seeing the beautiful food for which we are so thankful.


The Blue and White Tower Room

It’s that quirky, not quite octagon shaped room off of the master bedroom. It isn’t painted blue, but it is known as the Blue and White Room, for one obvious reason.


I love to collect china and there is nothing more lovely than Blue and White China! This room is my space. No one else in the house ever uses it. This space has all of the things I love–china, porcelain dolls, lace curtains, books, pillows…even blue and white china depicting scenes of England!


The tower space also has a painting of me that has a blue background that looks really nice with the china on the walls.  The oil on canvas painting is by Theo and every time I see it, it makes me smile. Not because I think I look wonderful (I have never looked good in photographs)…it is because he puts so much heart into all of his art.


There is a small upholstered bench, where you can curl up with a throw and read a book or magazine, relax, do some writing, or meditate. The little side table next to the bench is actually an antique sewing table that holds all of my sewing thread, needles, and other miscellaneous sewing items. I sometimes embroider in this spot because the lighting is so good.

A-4-bench with bear

The actual function of this little space is that of a dressing room it holds my antique hand-carved walnut vanity. The light in this space is brilliant because of the really tall windows, it is a wonderful space to style hair or put on makeup.


I love to use china in ways that are unusual.  Here is a pierced bowl. It is shallow, so it makes a nice tray for the vanity and it is fun because it is unexpected.

2-vanity tray

For such a tiny room, roughly 8 ft x 8 ft, with the angled walls and 12 foot ceiling, It really packs a punch!! This is one of the spaces in the house that makes it feel like a cottage!