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Foyer Book/Display Case

One of the things I have always enjoyed is creating patriotic themed display cases for public libraries and schools (mostly using Children of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution themes).


Especially when the children were little, we had many opportunities to do those displays.  Now that the little ones aren’t little anymore, the reasons to do them are pretty rare.


So I decided to create a space in Spring Rose Cottage that we could explore creating and displaying books and things of interest based on a theme.


The theme for July, August and September was “The Birth of Our Nation”.  Here are the Books that were highlighted:


1776 book by  David  McCullough.


Justice for All — Earl Warren and the Nation he made by Jim Newton


The bottom row has many more books (especially children’s books) that help support the theme. There are also eye catching items that grab your interest.


I can’t guarantee that the theme will always be Patriotic (because it won’t!), what I can guarantee is that any display we create will be filled with books and interesting visuals that will support a theme or idea that I hope will lead you to reading a really captivating book.

Happy Reading!!


The Pumpkin Carving Book

By Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell; Photography by Debbie Patterson; Text by Tessa Evelegh

A-1-Book Cover (1)

This is a great little book. It has tips on carving all kinds of squashes, gourds, melons, and pumpkins. Many of the pictures are folk art patterns or whimsical. The book explains the basics about each type of squash and ways to carve them. Also very helpful is the list of tools and how to use them.


E-1-Book Cover (5)

This is a pumpkin that we carved this Halloween season, using the techniques described in the book.

J-1-Light up

Daughters of Painted Ladies

I can highly recommend the book Daughters of Painted Ladies, by Elizabeth Pomada (Author), Michael Larsen (Author), Douglas Keister (Photographer), especially if you are interested in Victorian Architecture and decorating in a traditional style.

Book Cover-DoPL

The book gives many wonderful examples for reference. It is organized by geographic regions and lists the cities—many of the homes are open to the public. The really great thing about the book is that it covers all types of American Victorian architecture from places all across the United States. Mostly exterior pictures, but it also does have some examples of interior.

Bulls eye block tapemeasure

This is one of the Bulls Eye trim that is used on the Mahogany door at Spring Rose Cottage. It is paired with a fluted molding to create the door casing on the inside and outside of the Front Door. The same design is placed on the newel posts on the main staircase.

Newal Post bullseye flute

We used this book during the design process of Spring Rose Cottage and for decorating reference. It is especially helpful in woodworking, color schemes and trim ideas.

Front view of house