History of Spring Rose Cottage

Spring Rose Cottage wasn’t always a stately Queen Anne Victorian—she started life as a mid-century modern ranch house. The house itself was nothing special, but the neighborhood was very special. In the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC it is unusual to find a neighborhood with large lots, old trees, two lane hilly roads, creeks, eclectic houses (not necessarily attractive, but no cookie cutters here), and mostly friendly neighbors; but that is exactly what we found. We loved the area so much that we looked for ways to make the house work for us in spite of all of its shortcomings.

Over the years, we did several bath and kitchen remodels but ultimately found it wasn’t enough to make the space work for us. So we began to design a house that would work. Through years of design, building, redesigning, a title dispute, zoning variances and structural engineering—we re-imagined the house. It grew from a 2 level home to be a 4 level home. We added a 3 story addition on the east side and put a floor all the way across the top. Everything about the house has been thought out, debated, vetted, there are no accidents in the design (well maybe a few errors in judgement). There are many wonderful design features and feats of engineering that make this house pretty wonderful (coming up in future blog posts).

The outside super structure of the new house was built over the old house, so we were not really living in a construction zone during those early years—we just didn’t have use of the space. In 2008 we moved out of the house and lived a block away in a rented home while serious interior construction began. The house was completely gutted with new plumbing, electrical, duct-work, furnace and air conditioning, and an elevator.

Then mid project we found out we needed foundation waterproofing. Ever watched “Love it or List it” on HGTV and they always find things that are wrong with the old house that have to be fixed? Well that part is always true!! Basically, Spring Rose Cottage is an old house that has been re-imagined into an even older home.

We moved back into the house on Halloween Night 2013. We are still working on small projects here and there and it is a labor of love!